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Gardening and Planting Services in Peterborough

The Lawn and Garden Guy will provide planting services in the spring and throughout the season. This is a separate cost from the routine garden maintenance. Not only does this include planting annuals and perennials, it also includes small shrubs and trees

Common annual plants include pansies, petunias, geraniums, begonias and whatever else the customer chooses and is in-season to plant. Prices include the cost of the plant and the planting.

Some of the more popular perennial plants can include clematis, hostas and day lilies, of which there are many varieties. The key to remember is that prices vary depending on the time of season and plant availability.

Our gardening services also include weeding and cultivating flower gardens on a regular schedule, with an emphasis placed on maintaining existing gardens throughout the season. Planting or removing plants is an extra fee.

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