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Spring and Fall Property Clean-Up in Peterborough

Spring and fall clean-up is provided either as a standalone service or included in a monthly package. For spring clean-up, The Lawn and Garden Guy in Peterborough will rake and remove all leaves and other organic debris from grass and gardens, as well as weeding, edging and prepping gardens for planting. For fall clean-up, there are several techniques used based on a client’s needs to remove leaves, such as bulk removal, bagging or mulching leaves into grass.


The most common problem in Peterborough is when the leaves get wet and pack down on top of the lawn, smothering out the grass. This is typical in the late fall where wind will accumulate leaves in corners and pockets and remain there until spring. This will kill parts of the lawn, compelling the time and expense to renovate the lawn. The best answer is to not let the leaves accumulate.


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