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Lawn Cutting/Trimming Services in Peterborough

Generally The Lawn and Garden Guy will the cut the grass once a week (7-day period) however in dry periods, that may be extended by 10 days or more.

Grass doesn't drink its food through its roots. It manufactures its food in its leaves—the green parts. Grass cut an inch high is as healthy as you would be on one meal a week. Two inches (5 cm) is the absolute minimum for healthy grass, three inches (8 cm) is best. Long grass shades its roots to keep them cool, and shades out weeds so they find it harder to grow.

When we mow, we follow the one-third rule: mow often enough to cut only one-third of the grass plant in any one mowing. The golden rule when we cut is "keep the lawn mower blade sharpened." A dull blade can increase the risk of molds and disease.

Grass clippings are 85% water and return 20% of their nitrogen to the soil to feed the lawn's root system. They decompose rapidly and return nutrients to the soil with no thatch buildup. Mulching can be practiced year-round with most mowers. This reduces the need for fertilizer by 30%.

The Lawn and Garden Guy Uses a mulching mower and is done throughout most of the season, however, after a robust period of growing either extra cutting is recommended or bagging of clippings may be required. The Lawn and Garden Guy charges $1.00 for each paper recycling bag used. The Lawn and Garden Guy will either mulch or bag the clippings, depending on conditions. We also use a gas line trimmer to make the edges of buildings, gardens, walkways look neat and trim. In addition we use a gas blower to clear all patios, walkways and driveways of grass clippings.

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