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Professional Yard Care Services in Peterborough

The Lawn and Garden Guy in Peterborough offers several types and levels of services to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today for a free estimate on any of these services:

  • Per-cut is the basic service. This involves cutting the grass only at the customer request. Ideal for those going away on holiday, filling in temporarily during injury or illness. It is not done during drought periods and follows the one third rule. (see grass cutting page for details)

  • Weekly per cut: This is available for those who want their grass cut as part of our regular schedule and left to our discretion if it needs to be bypassed.

  • Full package service: This is our premium service for one full season, and billed monthly. Included in the one price are spring and fall clean-up, shrub pruning, lawn cutting/trimming, fertilizing, weeding and cultivating gardens.

  • Gardening service: This involves weeding and cultivating flower gardens on a regular schedule with emphasis on maintaining existing gardens throughout the season. Planting or removing plants is an extra fee.

  • Garden clean-up: This can be done any time in the growing season where gardens for one reason or another have been neglected for one or more seasons and are in need of restoration.

  • Shrub pruning: This separate service is useful for those who prefer to do their own gardening and lawn care, but don't have the time, skill or inclination to prune a large number of trees and shrubs.

  • Fertilizing is usually done in conjunction with grass cutting or other scheduled service

  • Weed spraying: The Lawn and Garden Guy does not provide weed spraying.

  • Spring and/or fall clean up: This is provided in the spring to remove winter debris from yards and gardens. The fall cleanup includes raking and bagging leaves or removal in bulk. This is also listed as a separate price (except in the full package).

  • Customized service: This can include any combination of above services

* $1.00 is charged for every paper recycling bag used.

* A modest fee is charged to remove materials from the property.

*All regularly scheduled maintenance is billed monthly. All one-time jobs are billed when the job is completed, or shortly after.

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